Flip To Mobile With Ease

Gocella is an innovative mobile, text, and social marketing platform and managed service company that is focused on helping businesses grow.

Create and Send Campaigns

Engage customers and build an ongoing dialogue by creating enticing offers and highly visual text Campaigns.

Response Campaigns

Have a conversation with your Customers

Leverage your traditional and digital marketing channels to promote a text campaign such as a Mobile VIP Club and build your opt-in list. When customers text in, Gocella automatically sends a predetermined message you create with a picture, video, hyperlink, or coupon attached.

Broadcast Campaigns

Message everyone at the same time

Create and send highly targeted and customized broadcasts messages to all or part of your subscriber list. Send information about special sales, store openings, VIP events, or new merchandise and include a special offer to drive customers back to your store.

Poll Campaigns

Gain insight into what your Customers are thinking

Engage your customers in a real time dialogue and get feedback about your service their interests or input on new products you are considering. Gocella instantly tallies the survey and provides actionable feedback.

Contest Campaigns

Reward Customers For Loving Your Company

Create a contest and engage, entertain and reward your customers while simultaneously building your list. It's easy, Gocella activates, runs, and randomly awards your winners automatically while you run your business.

Manage Assets

Increase response rates and deepen customer engagement by sending texts with visual and interactive offers, information, and bar codes.

  • Photos

    Consumers are visual. Attach a photo or flyer and increase interest in your message and communicate more information easily.

  • Videos

    Embed a short YouTube or Vimeo video right in your text message and increase response rates. Customers view the video right in the message instead of getting redirected.

  • Coupons

    Create a coupon with a photo, video, and promotional offer including a bar code that consumers can redeem at your store. A Google Map is automatically included.

Smart Scheduling

Schedule Campaigns or set them up to trigger automatically

Set up a triggered Response Campaign once and let it run indefinitely or schedule a Campaign in advance to go out on any date and time. It can be a single Campaign, or several weeks or month's worth of promotions all at once.

Technical Targeting

Send the right offer, to the right customer at the right time

Customize each message based on unique subscriber data collected during a Campaign or from existing databases. Gocella has a built in CRM that let's you store lots of information on your customers and easily merge with other databases.

Gain Insight into Campaigns

You have the power to not only measure the results of each Campaign in real time but the data you need to improve it.

Campaign Reporting

An easy to read Dashboard tracks Campaign results

Understand what is working and what's not in your Text Marketing. Easily analyze Opt In/Out Graphs, Customer Demographics, and Link Tracking. While reading a report you can easily tweak or launch a new Campaign right form the Reporting section.

Keyword Targeting

Analyze results by Keyword and Variant Keywords

Each Keyword is unique to a Campaign allowing you to continually test to achieve higher conversion rates. Keyword reporting allows our customers to optimize the best performing Campaigns and media. A great way to enhance existing traditional and digital marketing.